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North Battersea Alliance Against the Bridge

Please come along and reject this proposal.

North Battersea Alliance Against the Bridge and Pimlico Alliance are calling on local people to attend a public meeting to stop £100 million being spent on the proposed new Thames crossing near Vauxhall Bridge.

Unlike further east in London there is no demand from local people for a new Thames river crossing when 350 yards up there is the existing Vauxhall Bridge. Vauxhall Bridge already has two pedestrian footpaths and a two-way two lane full width cycle-way.

Taxpayer's monies should be spent on more essential things for both communities.

It is a scandal that Wandsworth Council has already spent over £100,000 on this project at a time when they are cutting services and jobs and terms and conditions of employment.

We call on The Mayor of London to oppose any further public spending on this vanity project being promoted by Wandsworth Tory Council and to pledge that monies saved will be put to better use. 

Public meeting:

Tuesday 26th July 2016
@ The Duchess Pub Battersea 
(upstairs room- 101 Battersea Park Rd, London SW8 4DS)

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