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Dear GC Delegates, 


The extent of this ongoing crisis, together with the size and density of the population of our great city, mean that it is likely that all our lives have now been touched in some way by tragedy. 


As Trade Unionists we are also aware of the selfless work of thousands of our members in industries and jobs which have until recently been treated with disdain by successive governments. Government ministers take turns, on a daily basis, to justify and redirect their failure to protect those who are carrying out essential work and it is our Unions who have come to the fore, to provide a voice and honour those who go to work every day with inadequate protective equipment despite the risks they know they are taking. 


Some of us have lost loved ones and all of us have lost friends, colleagues, members of our unions and our local communities and whilst we can never be certain about how the virus has spread through our communities, it is likely that failings in protection for front line workers has contributed to unnecessary deaths. 


The pandemic has also affected virtually every part of the globe and in this context it is important that as Trade Unionists we try to promote and celebrate May Day as a day of international workers’ solidarity. 

As a festival of Labour, May Day was first celebrated in Britain and in parts of Europe in 1890, thanks to the initiative taken by Tom Mann the socialist activist setting up from his Battersea base the campaign for the 8 hour day. So it is important for us in Battersea and Wandsworth to recognise this. 


GLATUCare putting together an online celebration which will go live from 11am on Friday. Please see the flyer below for details. There have also been calls to wear red and display union banners and take photos from wherever you are, so if you do take some and send them in, we will put them on our website.  


Dear BWTUC delegates, 


We wanted to make contact with all our delegates and through you, the thousands of Trade Unionists you so diligently represent. 


Following the most recent Government advice, all TUC activities and face to face meetings are being postponed or cancelled for the time being.


In line with this, we will therefore cancel all scheduled meetings of our committees and General Council until further notice. We will let you know when we are able to resume and you will in any case be mindful of the Government advice  regarding the timing of the resumption of normal activity. 


As active Trade Unionists I know we will all be involved in providing support in our own local communities, especially as we are becoming increasingly aware that this situation provides differing challenges for us all. If you require help or support in any way, please do still get in touch with us. We know that isolation brings its own challenges and we must stay in contact and support each other, despite the need to reduce face to face contact to a minimum.


We are honoured to represent a number of our delegates and their members who make up the dedicated staff who remain on the front line, in essential industries where self isolating is just not an option. We are proud of you all and this simply highlights the value of those whose work has too often been taken for granted. 


We hope that you and your families and friends have all been able to arrange to be as safe as possible in the coming weeks and perhaps even months. 


We pass on our best wishes to all.


Kath and Spencer

If you require further information during the COVID-19 crisis that requires and urgent answer, please contact Paul McDonnell Email; Mobile; 07580818671

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