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​Demonstration outside Wandsworth Town Hall

Bus Drivers can work up to five and a half hours without access to toilet facilities at each end of the 430 route which means in winter when it is bitterly cold and bladders are at their weakest and in summer when drivers are so scared to take water that they risk de-hydration driver‚s have no choice than to hold it or park up the bus and dash for a local café or pub leaving a bus load of passengers waiting. It is both embarrassing and demeaning and it has to stop.  We demand clean facilities at Danebury Avenue.

The council has blocked this application from TFL infrastructure for over 4 years now.

The buses, which are affected, are the 170 (starting @ Stockwell) and 430 (starting @ Putney).

This leaves staff without toilet facilities for up to 5.5hours.

Date: Tuesday, 15th December
Time: 6.30 p.m - 7.30pm
Location: Wandsworth Town Hall

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